Closed/Expired: Tepper Tech Innovation Challenge case competition for MBA students

Tepper Tech Innovation Challenge case competition for MBA students

The Tepper Tech Innovation Challenge is a case competition for MBA students dedicated to applying business techniques to products in emerging technologies. Our goal is to create a community of forward-thinking students from the best technology-focused business schools in the nation.

Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and the Business and Technology Club, the competition will occur on November 18th and 19th, 2016.

One team from each participating school will register their members for the competition via Google form. Please note that the Technology Clubs of participating schools will be asked to identify the team to represent their school. A qualifying round prompt will be shared with the Technology Club Leadership.Teams from invited schools will be given a qualifying prompt, and must submit their document in 48 hours via email. Please note that the document must not contain the school name. The judging committee, consisting of Tepper School of Business faculty and sponsor judges, will make the final call on the top submissions to determine the finalists.

Qualifying Round results will be sent out by email by October 20th, 2016.Winning teams from the qualifying round will compete in the final round at the Tepper School of Business. More details about the case prompt and judging will be provided in the kick-off session.

Awards:- Fame & business opportunity

Deadline:- 03-10-2016

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