Closed/Expired: Equal Rating Innovation Challenge by Mozilla

Equal Rating Innovation Challenge
You can help the next generation build the next generation of the open Internet. Mozilla is inviting entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, and innovators to help connect all people to the open Internet so they can realize the full potential of this globally shared resources.

Mozilla seeks to make the full range of the Internet’s extraordinary power and innovative potential available to all. We advocate for “equal rating” where consumers choose content based on the quality of that content, not the financial power and business partnerships of the provider.

The Internet is most powerful when anyone–regardless of gender, income, or geography–can participate equally. However the digital divide is a clear and persistent reality for the more than 4 billion people who cannot avail of the social, economic, and civic benefits resulting from access to the open web.

The complex and multidimensional challenge of digital inclusion is being tackled by corporations, governments, and ever more so, by entrepreneurs and innovators. Before any of us create solutions though, we need to understand what the key barriers are to Internet adoption, and figure out the best ways to intervene.

Awards:- $250000
Deadline:- 06-01-2017