ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

A modular system that lets you create connected devices in minutes, no technical experience required. Hackable with Arduino IDE.

ESLOV is a plug-and-play toolkit that makes it easy to create Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It simplifies the development process, enabling you to build connected gadgets without prior hardware or programming knowledge. Just piece the modules together and bring your ideas to life in minutes!


IoT, easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Connect the ESLOV modules. Use cables or mount the modules onto the back of our WiFi and motion hub. Then plug the hub into your PC.

2. Program modules using ESLOV’s visual code editor. Our visual code editor automatically recognizes each module and displays it on the screen. Draw connections between the modules to program your project, and see it come to life.

3. Publish project on Arduino Cloud. Make your project accessible on the internet so you can interact with it from anywhere in the world – including your phone.


The Arduino Cloud’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex interactions with sliders, buttons, value fields, and more. Controlling your smart device is always only one click of the mouse or touch of your phone away!

For example, with an ESLOV thermostat, you can remotely check and tweak your home’s temperature while away.




ESLOV modules and hub can also be programmed with the wildly popular Arduino Editor. You can use either the online editor or the desktop-based IDE.

With the provided libraries, you can:

-Customize the behavior of the existing modules

-Enhance the hub functionalities

-Modify the protocols of both the hub and the modules


Sample applications include everything from a monitor that tells you if your baby is safe, to a washing machine notifier that lets you know when your load of clothes is done, to a fire alarm for your home.





We are releasing 25 modules – buttons, LEDs, air quality sensors, microphones, servos, and more. The possibilities are endless. What will you create? Share your project ideas in the comments section.


Open-source is in our DNA. For years, Arduino has inspired and powered 3D printers, medical and space research, robotics, drones, interactive art, and so much more. We encourage people to study our hardware and software, make changes to it, and share improvements with our ever-growing community.

With ESLOV we will continue this tradition. ESLOV’s hardware and software are open-source. We will publish design files and documentation for all modules so that people can understand how they work and create their own. We will also welcome third-party modules from partners and other certified programs.

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