Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest 2020

Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest 2020

The contest is organised by the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative at Arizona State University.

The beating drum of the climate crisis is a constant reminder that our planet is a closed, limited system, and that we’re currently living far beyond its boundaries. We are looking for short stories that help us imagine how humans can live within Earth’s planetary boundaries—at the individual level, yes, but more importantly at the level of organizations, communities, and societies, and at the level of a global human civilization.

You may submit up to one work of short fiction with a maximum length of 5,000 words.

The work must be written in English.

Submissions must be original work that has not been previously published in print or online.

Work will be judged by Claire Vaye Watkins.

Awards:- The winner will receive a $1,000 prize. Nine finalists will receive $100 each.

Selected work will be published in an anthology by the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative at Arizona State University.

Deadline:- 15-04-2020

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