Closed/Expired: Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service Awards

Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service Awards

In honor of retired U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, an inspiring champion for national service, the Corporation for National and Community Service will present the “Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service Awards.” Our goal for these awards is to recognize outstanding and innovative programs and high quality and meaningful AmeriCorps service experiences (for current members and alumni).

Just as Sen. Harkin sought to expand “what worked” throughout his career, we want these awards to encourage the development and expansion of best practices in national service programming, improved project development, and increase the value of the AmeriCorps member experience to help tackle the country’s most pressing human and environmental needs through service.  With emphases on engaging individuals with disabilities in service, program innovation and enhancements, and compelling AmeriCorps member experiences, the awards reflect the depth of impact of the national service field on the communities served and the individuals serving.

These awards will allow the Corporation for National and Community Service to share excellent program strategies and models with the national service field and the general public so that individuals, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and more will be aware of the excellent and diverse range of national service programs across the country.

Awards:- Fame

Deadline:- 23-06-2017

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