Expired: Exciting yet Stable life contest by Eyeka

Exciting yet Stable life contest by Eyeka

Having a passion and living for it is what we all dream of. But obligations and responsibilities often come into play and force us to make practical choices. People often feel that they must let go of their passion as they move to a stable and secure life.

But… why choose?

The generation we often call “Gen-Z” doesn’t want to compromise. They want the best of both worlds. They want not only to have stable work that leads to career growth, but also to be able to pursue what excites them, that hobby that gives meaning to their lives.

You might know one of these individuals. She’s fond of travel. Whenever she can, she goes to visit a new place, discover a culture, practice a new sport in a far-away land. She loves this so much. She’s not doing this as a tourist- but with her soul, meeting people, living with them and like them. It’s slow time, meaningful time. To be able to afford these travels, she must return to her home town to do temporary work as a coder. She is good at it, it’s fun, and she likes it. But at the back of her head, this feeling keeps coming back: “I should build a career, be more loyal to my employers. I should think about my CV; it doesn’t look good to have so many holes in it.”

This person, your friend (or maybe you!), is missing something. A service or a product that could help her reconcile her passion and building a stable future.

Our sponsor, a research and innovation company, wants to help people, like the person in our example, follow their own path — not the one dictated by society’s norms – while building up a secure future.

Do you want to contribute to creating this scenario for your peers, or maybe even for yourself?

How can we enjoy life while being realistic about it?


Creative Challenge

Imagine a solution that would allow people from Generation Z to follow their passion while having the assurance that they are building a stable future.  


  • #1 Prize €3,500
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000

Deadline:- 20-07-2016

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