Expired: Face Recognition Prize Challenge

Face Recognition Prize Challenge

The challenge proceeds with developers sending pre-compiled software libraries to NIST, who is the designated test laboratory for the FRPC.  At NIST the algorithms will be run on sequestered images.  This means the FRPC is not an “open-book’’ or “take-home’’ test so neither the test images, nor any training images will be made available to developers.

Who should participate:  The FRPC is intended for prize participants who are eligible to compete for the challenge prizes.  IARPA encourages developers of automated face recognition algorithms to participate, both domestic and international, from academia and industry.  Other U. S. Government Agencies, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs), or any other similar organizations that have a special relationship with the Government, that gives them access to privileged or proprietary information, or access to Government equipment or real property, will not be eligible to participate in the prize challenge.  Entities affiliated with the IARPA Janus program are ineligible to participate.

Read the full rules and challenge eligibility document for the FRPC by downloading this document.


Why Participate: The developers of the most accurate algorithms will be eligible to win cash prizes from a total prize purse of $50,000. Prizes will be distributed for the following criteria:

  • One-to-many identification accuracy:  $25,000
  • One-to-many identification speed: $5,000
  • One-to-one verification accuracy:  $20,000

Deadline:- 15-06-2017

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