FireFlies – Truly Wire-Free Earbuds – Music Without Limits!

FireFlies - Truly Wire-Free Earbuds - Music Without Limits!


High quality truly wireless earbuds, without the high price! Experience 100% wire-free, stereo audio for hours with these tiny earbuds

We developed Fireflies so everyone can have high quality wire-free ear buds without spending a fortune. Our goal was to create earbuds with high quality sound, comfort and durability, and to make them affordable.  To make things better, the tooling is complete and all we need is to place an initial order!  FireFlies will arrive to backers this September.  Get a huge discount off the $149.99 retail price by backing this project!




Set of Earbuds – two tiny earbuds that can play stereo Bluetooth audio for hours

Charging Pod – Place the earbuds into the charging pod to recharge them on the go!  The Charging pod can recharge the earbuds up to 3 additional times.

Silicone Tips – Small, Medium, and Large sizes to fit all ears

Locking Wings – FireFlies patent pending design fits securely and comfortably and won’t fall out of your ear even under the most extreme conditions. However, for those that like extra security, we include a set of small, medium, and large locking wings that secure the earbuds in the inner curve of your ear.

Micro-USB Cable – for recharging the Charging Pod




FireFlies can be paired to devices capable of playing Bluetooth audio such as phones, computers, TV, and more.  FireFlies use a Bluetooth 4.0 chip which means it is also compatible with Bluetooth 3.0.

FireFlies are water resistant and were designed with things like sweating at the gym in mind.


How Fireflies work
How Fireflies work



Our Charging Pod is incredibly small and convenient.  It fits comfortably in any pocket and charges your FireFlies on the go! After listening, the earbuds can be placed in the Charging Pod to recharge in your pocket!

The Charging Pod next to a US quarter
The Charging Pod next to a US quarter


FireFlies are designed to fit a wide variety of ears comfortably and securely.  Our patent pending design was meticulously refined through over 50 prototypes and contoured to both look great and feel great!

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