Flipaw – Unleash your dog’s voice

Flipaw - Unleash your dog's voice

The world’s only collar that sends you personalized messages of your dog’s daily activity.

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With Flipaw your dog gets a voice

Ever wondered what your dog is up to during the day ? Now they can tell you.

Introducing Flipaw – the world’s only collar that helps you stay connected with your dog through text messages, Facebook posts or tweets.

Don’t settle for a dog collar that just gives you boring data about their activity. Get personal messages from them about their life.

Its like you’re chatting with your best friend. Because let’s face it. You are!

How it works

Use cases

Endless combinations

Each dog is unique and lives a different story. We knew we needed a way to tell their stories in a most personalised and accurate way. That’s why we created an algorithm that will use the variables as shown below. Those variables are highly important as they define the dog’s environment and will increase the accuracy of each message.

Our algorithm is based on other artificial intelligence algorithms. In order for them to work properly, they need to be fed by a set of data. The more data, the more accurate the algorithm becomes. Today, our team of writers has achieved to draft more than 2000 stories. As soon as dog lovers will start using Flipaw, the crowdsourced data will generate more and more diversity.

And there is more

Product Overview

Matching your dog’s style

Flipaw comes in 2 versions, with or without a GPS chip embedded into the collar, both in an exquisite leather collar. In order to perfectly fit the neck of your dog, the collars are available in 3 sizes (Small/Medium/Large).

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