Closed/Expired: Focus on characters design contest at Desall

Focus on characters design contest at Desall

Mondadori Scienza SpA invites all creative people of to imagine a new exciting character for Focus Junior characters design contest, creating an original and versatile figure to make boys and girls fall in love with the captivating world of Focus Junior.

Focus Junior is looking for a new character for its own magazine, to adapt for the various media, from print to digital media, from a physical object to animation, a new charismatic figure that can interact with the young readers.

In this first phase we are looking for a concept that will be developed further in the second phase of the contest.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology: the aim of the contest is to develop a new character design for Focus Junior, an original figure that embodies the brand identity, becoming point of referencefor the young readers and an engaging interlocutor for their curiosity and passion.

Values: Focus Junior is conceived to satisfy the curiosity of kids/young adults, proposinginnovative, funny and engaging content, told as if by an elder brother that helps todiscover the world in a new and intelligent way. It is a parents’ ally and is greatly welcomed for its edutainment nature (educate while entertaining).

Magazine contents: Focus Junior responds to the curiosity of its own readers, proposing several sections (I make, Social, I look and read, I discover, I learn, …) touching topics such as geography, sport, emotions, mystery, featuring games, labs, ecology, adventure, jokes, world-records, technology, video-games and covering in details such other themes, like animals,science and behaviour.

Character requirements: the new character shall be versatile, a character that can adapt to the various communication means, from print media to digital editions, from a physical object to a TV ad. It shall embody the values of the Focus Junior brand and be able to establish an empathic connection with the readers.

Style: the character you design shall be coherent with the Focus Junior brand, be dedicated to a male and female public, have a simple, funny style able to entice their curiosity and allow readers to identify themselves with it (for an example of magazine layout, see the Material files attached).

Target: the Focus Junior readers are mainly between 8 and 13 years old, with an innateinterest in nature, animals and science. Also, they have an adventurous character andmany interests (reading, sport, cinema), as well as placing great importance on friends. In addition, they have a spontaneous familiarity with technology.

Deliverables: upload all the images that better present your projects (rendering, descriptions, CAD files, etc.) and, if necessary, remember that you can also attach a .zip archive containing extra materials. Don’t forget about the abstract and description to give further info about your projects. You can submit as many entries as you like!

Awards:- 1st €2000

Deadline:- 15-02-2016

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