Expired: FREEDITORIAL Long/short story contest

short story contest

As an annual award, Freeditorial is opening submission for Long-short story contest. A)The writer may be a citizen and resident of any country in the world. B) Long-Short Stories must be fiction or historical and written in English. The writer is free to choose the topic. C) The book must have a minimum of 10,000 words and a maximum of 40,000 D) Freeditorial will inform the participant once the story is published, and will provide an account and login credentials so they can monitor the performance of their submission with readers. This will help the participant when developing strategies to promote their work. E) Readers around the world will have access to free downloads of the submissions on Freeditorial website. During the contest, Freeditorial will display submissions, ranking them by number of downloads, in descending order. This information will be updated daily. F) At the end of the contest, all the submissions will remain available to readers under “Short Stories” category on Freeditorial platform. G) The winners will be announced on the Freeditorial Homepage on Thanksgiving Day. H) There is no fee to participate in Freeditorial Contests.

Awards:- 1st $15000, 2nd $5000, 3rd $2000

Deadline:- 31-07-2016

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