Closed/Expired: Fully Funded AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies 2018

Fully Funded AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies 2018

The Academy of Korean Studies runs the “AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies” in order to provide international scholars and doctoral candidates with an opportunity to carry out their research(dissertation research). The fellowship period should begin within year 2018. The applicants can apply for minimum one month to maximum one year support.


South Korea


  1. Airfare: Economy-class round trip airfare(Only offered to overseas awardees)
    • The airfare will be reimbursed based on the actual ticket price but the reimbursement should not exceed the amount of Government Transportation Request(GTR) cost according to the 2018 budgetary guidelines of international airfare.
  2. Monthly Stipend
    • Senior Research Fellowship: 2,500,000won
    •  Junior Research Fellowship: 2,000,000won
    •  Pre-doctoral Fellowship: 1,500,000won
      • Please note that they do not offer monthly stipend for research period less than 15 days and offer full monthly stipend for research period 15 or more days
  3.  Access to the facilities of AKS including the library
  4. Up to 50% discount on AKS Guest House charges

Deadline:- 15-10-2017

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