Closed/Expired: The future of painting innovation challenge

The future of painting innovation challenge

The home is not only a place for us to sleep in. It is an environment of safety, freedom and a reflection of our own identity. We make sure that it is clean, beautiful and expresses our personality and individuality. We change decorations and lights, and hang photos and paintings to make our home our own.  One of the tough decisions (therefore seldom taken) is to paint all or part of the walls, ceilings and/or floor. In fact, most people only paint at significant moments of their lives, like when they purchase a new home, get ready for a new born, get married, want to express a new start, etc. Whether it is for a small decorative area or repainting a whole room, it is always an important decision!

There are several reasons that could stop people from starting a painting project: it is too much of an effort, so people just postpone it or replace it by changing the decorations; people think of it as a specialist’s job, so they do not feel confident enough to do it; it can go over budget when they want to paint only one part of the wall or home, but they need to paint everywhere in the same color; it is just too hard to choose the right color, or the tone of color that reflects their stage in life, their style or their personality.

A world leading painting company provides a complete range of painting products for decorative paints including preparatory base layers, spackling, acrylic paint, enamel and varnishes. The brand believes that people share an emotional relationship with their home and has always been passionate about innovations to stay appealing to the updated and connected consumers today.

They are between 18 to 55 years old, responsible for the painting of the house and involved in the painting process or decision and must have painted the house at least once in their life time, either by themselves or by hiring professional painters.

Can you help the brand to come up with the next big innovation (paints for walls, ceilings and/or floors or anything linked to it) that empowers people to make their own homes even more beautiful and cozy when they want to do so?

Creative Challenge

Create an innovative solution to allow people to express their individuality and personality with colors on the walls, ceilings and/or floors of their homes and to make them more beautiful and cozy.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 10-10-2017

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