Expired: Future residential commercial building competition

Future residential commercial building competition

The purpose and goal of this competition is the creation of an architectural solution for the street facade of the future residential-commercial building GF+2F+A – GF+3F+A In Subotica, Petefi Šandor street 3 and 5, respectively, to choose the highest quality solution among several proposed ones that would ensure common interest and recognition of the profession and Organizer of the competition.

The task is to develop an architectural solution of the facade with all elements required by the program and project task of this competition. Participants are required to adhere to the following principles (criteria) within this Competition: – The program and design solutions must be recognizable, they need to reflect the spirit of the city, to highlight the urban specifics and to be accepted by the local community and users as part of their values from the aspect of the spatial and social specificity of the location – Concepts of sustainability (ecological, energetic as well as economical) as well as financially rational exploitation and maintenance need to be promoted through the program and designs. – The designed facade needs to have characteristics that meet the criteria for classifying the building into “B“energy class.

Awards:- 1st: €3000, 2nd: €1500, 3r: €1000

Deadline:- 15-04-2016

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