Expired: Game development world championship

Game development world championship

The Game Development World Championship 2016 is a game development contest designed for students and indie developers. It’s primary purpose is for these talented individuals to create the best games they can and get to show them off to a global audience for the recognition they deserve. The GDWC was last held in 2013 and gathered over a thousand contestants from 83 different countries. The competition has two categories, one for entertainment and one for serious games.

The Game Development World Championship 2016 is a sequel to both the successful Viope Game Programming Contest 2012 and the Game Development World Championship 2013. In 2013 over 1000 teams from 83 countries participated. This year, we’re bringing the event back bigger than ever. The Game Development World Championship 2016 is open to game developers and enthusiasts all over the world, from students to freelancers and professionals. You can work alone or have a team if you wish. The teams can submit their games into either the Regular game or Serious game category (See rules for more information). All games will be reviewed and judged by industry professionals.

Awards:- Trip to Finland, Sweden and Slush 2016 for three finalists from both tracks (six in total)

Deadline:- 01-10-2016

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