Closed/Expired: GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

The 2017 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge seeks submissions that repurpose these datasets and adapting them into the Darwin Core Archive format (DwC-A), the interoperable and reusable standard that powers the publication of almost 800 million species occurrence records from the nearly 1,000 worldwide institutions now active in the GBIF network.

The 2017 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge will task developers and data scientists to create web applications, scripts or other tools that automate the discovery and extraction of relevant biodiversity data from open data repositories.

  1. Automating searches of open data available in public repositories
  2. Effectively mining the information needed to generate checklists, species occurrence and sampling-event datasets (e.g. scientific names, date and location of occurrence et al.) from datasets in these repositories
  3. Mapping datasets’ column headings and/or contents with standardized Darwin Core terms
  4. Routinely converting the reformatted data into Darwin Core archive formats ready for publication through

Awards:- $14,000 in prizes

Deadline:- 05-09-2017

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