Closed/Expired: GIRAF 12 festival of independent animation

GIRAF 12 festival of independent animation

The Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival will be back for its 12th year soon, bringing you the best in independent animation from around the world to Calgary.

We’re looking for independent and artful animated films to share with our audience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That can mean abstract or narrative, hand-drawn or computer-generated, student films or well-established professionals, or somewhere in between. We want films we can be excited about, films that are pushing forward what animation can do, and films that make us feel things (even if that feeling is just “oh my gosh, this is ridiculous”). If you want a better sense of what we love, feel free to check out our Vimeo channel and last year’s jury and audience winners at No commercial work, please — some of those are super cool, but commercials, explainers, festival stingers and those sorts of things fall outside what our festival is all about. Submissions close July 15, 2016, but early submissions are always appreciated.

Awards:- The best International and Canadian short films will be awarded

Deadline:- 15-07-2016

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