Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2020

Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2020

Drawing from the scientific-technological progress and from the social changes that are currently happening in our society, GIDA aims at using design as a way to suggest new lifestyles, in order to contribute to the balanced development between human and nature.
The award sets for itself from the very beginning the objective of becoming a major reference in the international design field, by providing a very important award pool, a renown jury, international partnerships and sponsorships.

In the first edition of the award, in partnership with Desall, it addresses designers, architects, design studios, companies, universities and other institutes from around the world, to send their applications with products on the market or unpublished concepts, inside eight different categories (Transportation Means, Manufacturing Equipment, Information Processing, Home Life, Sports and Healthcare, Public facilities, Culture & Creativity, Communication Design).

Awards:- 4,300,000 RMB (about 560,000 Eur), spread over +30 awards.

1,000,000 RMB (about 130,000 Eur)

Deadline:- 30-06-2020

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