Google Cloud & NCAA® March Madness Analytics

Google Cloud & NCAA® March Madness Analytics

Uncover the madness of March Madness. There’s a reason why it’s called March Madness®. Upsets happen, underdogs become “cinderellas,” and games that analysts expected to be blowouts become nail-biters through the final seconds. A team’s competitiveness is what keeps games exciting and the tournament truly “mad.”

In addition to the predictive modeling competitions we typically host (NCAA Men’s and Women’s), we are hosting a separate competition using Kaggle Notebooks that challenges you to present an exploratory analysis of the “Madness.” Can you quantify competitiveness? Can you explain “cinderella…ness”?

Or perhaps, can you determine what dictates the ability of a team to “stay in the game” and increase their chance to win late in the contest? This may or may not be a scalar metric. It might be a clustering of types of competitiveness and then a rating within each. Does this metric have predictive power? The interpretation is up to you.

Your challenge is to tell a data story about college basketball through a combination of both narrative text and data exploration. A “story” could be defined any number of ways, and that’s deliberate. You are to deeply explore (through data) the mania of the Men’s and Women’s NCAA College Basketball tournaments. That story can be examined in the macro (for example: How does “competitiveness” differ from the regular season to their decisions in the tournament?) or the micro (for example: Does effectively neutralizing an opponent’s star players increase their ability to “stay in the game”?).

This is an opportunity to be creative and tell the story of a community you identify with or are passionate about!

Awards:- The top 5 submissions will each win $5,000. Winners will be posted on the competition forum at the conclusion of evaluation.

Deadline:- 30-04-2020

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