Expired: Google Public Policy Fellowship 2016

Google Public Policy Fellowship

Google is offering a Policy Fellowship program to undergraduate, graduate, and law students who are interested in Internet and technology policy. This is a unique opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work at public interest organizations at the forefront of debates on broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and creativity, consumer privacy, open government, government surveillance, data security, data innovation, free expression and more.

Fellows will be assigned a lead mentor at their host organizations and will have the opportunity to work with several senior staff members over the course of the summer. Fellows will be expected to make substantive contributions to the work of their organization, including conducting policy research and analysis, drafting reports and white papers, attending government and industry meetings and conferences, and participating in other advocacy activities.

Awards:- $7500 stipend.

Deadline:- 25-03-2016

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