Closed/Expired: Hack and roll Indore app development challenge by Ford

Hack and roll Indore app development challenge by Ford

Build apps that promote safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles in Indore.

Bustling thoroughfares are an iconic part of India’s metropolises: cars, rickshaws, buses, scooters, road bicycles, pedestrians, vendors wheeling their carts, and livestock all vying for road space and right of way in a cacophony of colors, sounds, and varying degrees of determination and aggression.

While it may seem a charming sort of chaos, it often has serious, and sometimes fatal, consequences.

In Indore, one of India’s 15 largest cities, road safety issues are of particular concern: In 2015, Indore recorded 5,873 road accidents, ranking it fourth in India behind Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. Commuters flout local traffic laws, contributing to a culture of recklessness that persists despite local police efforts to raise road safety awareness.

To help local authorities and residents find new ways to improve road safety in Indore, Ford is calling on software developers to build apps that help pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers share the road safely and equitably.

Join Hack and Roll Indore and create a tech solution that helps the residents of Indore abide by traffic safety rules, respect the rights of their fellow travelers, and enjoy a safe commute every day.


  • $31,500 in prizes

  • First Prize

    $15,000 USD Cash

  • Second Prize

    $7,500 USD Cash

  • Third Prize

    $3,500 USD Cash

  • Best Student Application

    $3,000 USD Cash

  • Best Indore Resident Application

    $1,500 USD Cash

  • Popular Choice

    $1,000 USD Cash

  • Large Organization Recognition Award

    Non-cash, recognition only for Large Organizations

Deadline:- 26-01-2017

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