Closed/Expired: Hair Care Visual Treatment Project

Hair Care Visual Treatment Project

Our Mystery Sponsor is a brand that makes well-known hair and skin care products found in places like CVS, Target, Amazon, and beyond. You and your family have probably used some of their products at some point in your lives (or maybe their products are sitting in your shower and medicine cabinet right now!) Their products are super affordable and do exactly what they say they are going to do: deliver reliably great results that won’t break the bank. People who actually try the product love it (the reviews say it all!)

Here’s the challenge – over time, this brand has slipped off the radar of consumers, particularly millennial women. People assume that the brand simply isn’t for them or that it’s too inexpensive to actually be good.

That’s where you come in, Tongalers. We need your help developing Visual Treatments and Scripts for an attention-grabbing, innovative 30-second Video that will change all that. And what’s really exciting is that our Mystery Sponsor is ready to shake things up. They want to develop ideas that stand out for being authentic, straight-forward, and modern. Millennials have the strongest BS-detectors around, and the Videos you’re illustrating should grab their attention and make them want to give this brand a shot.

We’re looking for Visual Treatments that expand on one of the two thought starters listed below. While the brand makes both hair and skincare products, your Treatment should focus on hair.

  1. All that matters are results: great hair. (If you need to, you can just tell yourself it’s expensive.)
  2. It’s time to get real. No more over-photoshopped commercials with unachievable results. Millennials aren’t falling for it anyways.

Pick one of the two thought starters above to base your submission on. Remember: you may submit up to five different Treatments to this project. Check out the Objectives tab for more details.

The goal of this project is to create a Visual Treatment (with Script) for a 30-second Video that changes millennials’ perceptions of our Mystery Sponsor’s hair care brand.

Your Visual Treatment submission should include the following elements:

  • Script (required) – a Script for a 30-second Video in PDF format
  • A Visual Treatment (required) – Using our template in the Assets tab below (available in three different formats), illustrate your Script line-by-line using a series of photos and/or drawings with corresponding dialogue and text under each image. When outputting your Visual Treatment, please upload in a PDF format. For an example of a Visual Treatment, click here.
  • Intro (optional) – A PDF explaining and contextualizing your Idea with as much as detail as you need.

Awards:- $3,000

Deadline:- 22-04-2017

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