Expired: The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge

The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge

How can we enhance existing public health surveillance through the use and integration of data from non-traditional sources?

We are looking for innovators to propose and test creative new types of data and data sources that can be used to measure indicators of:

  1. Physical Activity (e.g., daily number of steps)
  2. Sedentary Behaviour (e.g., average number of hours per day spent sedentary)
  3. Sleep (e.g., number of times awake per night)


Public health organizations typically rely on information obtained via self-reported surveys, in-person or telephone interviews, online questionnaires or direct measurement. The usability and benefits of information obtained via these methods can be impacted by:

  • Declining participation/response rates
  • Recall bias
  • Delays between data collection and reporting
  • Rising data collection costs


Challenge Breakthrough

New technologies and data sources, including wearable devices, geomatic data, mobile applications as well as data from social media and other online sources, provide an opportunity for national public health organizations to access and integrate a more diverse array of data into public health surveillance. Integration of data from non-traditional or novel sources can:

  • Supplement existing data and overcome any limitations encountered through use of self-reported data collected through current methods
  • Increase the granularity, diversity and range of data used as part of the analysis process
  • Decrease the delay between data collection and analysis through continuous sampling and near-real-time reporting
  • Enhance the ability to explore and address new areas of public health


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Awards:- $165,000

Deadline:- 05-08-2017

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