Here Map your world competition

Here Map your world competition

Present and visualize data on a map thanks to the mapathon by HERE!

Map your world to tell an interesting story using data and visualization! 

Where is air pollution the highest? Which regions recycle the most, or have the most trees? How do health standards compare in different regions? Using HERE XYZ, a location data management service from HERE Technologies, you can quickly and easily visualize datasets to tell a story!

During the HERE Mapathon, you’ll have the opportunity to create unique maps with your
own geospatial data or by using public datasets. Everything you create will be your intellectual property!

The best thing is that anyone can take part thanks to the free and easy-to-use XYZ interface. No technical skills are required!

Visualize data that is relevant to you and your community. Tell us a story about your world and win up to $10,000 US!

Awards:- Win up to $10,000 US!

Deadline:- 03-11-2019

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