Closed/Expired: High IQ world championship win a trip to USA

High IQ world championship win a trip to USA

HIQORA competitors complete individually in two Online Qualification Rounds, held simultaneously worldwide. The Top 14 highest-scoring participants will win flights and accommodation to the World Finals in San Diego, CA, USA in July 2016, held at the American Mensa Annual Gathering of 2,000+ members. Following completion of the championships, all participants will receive worked solutions and a confidential ranking of their performance in their country, region and institute

The 2016 High IQ World Championships (‘HIQORA’) are an educational and intellectually-stimulating competition for the world’s brightest and most gifted minds. Participants of all ages and countries engage in a wide-range of innovative activities and questions to test intelligence in quantitative puzzles, games-based learning and real-world IQ aptitude tests.

Awards:- 1st $10000, 2nd $5000, 3rd $3000

Deadline:- 28-05-2016

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