Hologram Pyramid HD for Smartphones and Tablets Gadget

Hologram Pyramid HD for Smartphones and Tablets Gadget

The Holapex hologram reflectors are Top Quality and High definition Hologram Pyramid for Smartphones/IPhones and Tablet/IPad.


The Holapex Hologram Pyramids are the highest quality pyramids ever made. All materials are high and durable quality. After testing and prototyping for over 1200 hours, We have developed the most durable and improved Holographic Pyramid, into a product, not just an office toy.

Holapex pyramids work great with Tablets and Smartphones, as well as IPads and IPhones. The quality of the reflection (hologram) is one of the bes,t as the clear panels are made out of the thinnest possible plastic, yet can hold up to 5lb of pressure when fully assembled.

Holapex LIGHT: This hologram pyramid measures 4 inches wide, and 2 inches tall. The Holapex LIGHT was designed to fit most smartphone/IPhone screen sizes 4″-6″ inches.When assembled it can take up to 3lbs of pressure.

Holapex VIVID: The Holapex VIVID was designed to work with tablet/IPads 7″-12″ inch displays. It measures about 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall. When assembled it can take up to 5lbs of pressure.

Parts: Both Holapex Pyramids come as parts and can easily be assembles. Each pyramid comes with the following parts:

  • 1 X Matte Black Hat/Cover with model of Pyramid printed in white (VIVID or LIGHT)
  • 4 X Clear reflectors made out of PET Flexible plastic.
  • 1 X Matte Black Base/Feet made out of Acrylic.

After producing many prototypes, with different materials, angles, sizes, and colors, we improved every part of the pyramid, provided best angle for best reflection, best color for pyramid, and best materials for each part.

The clear panels come with a protective plastic on each side, to protect it from any scratches when shipped. The material used for these panels is a PET Plastic material that is flexible and will not break. The panels are made out of the thinner possible PET plastic to give the best hologram effect with the least to none double blurr reflection.   Each panel comes with male or female connectors, that allow you to easily assemble all 4 sides into the shape of the pyramid. Then easily place the hat over the top of the pyramid and the base on the lower area. Keep in mind, the hat and the base are just optional, and are not needed to use the Hologram properly.

How does the Hologram Pyramid work?

The pyramid reflects whatever is being displayed on your device, giving it a hologram effect. It’s simple technology, but here is a picture to better illustrate how it works.

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