Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon challenge

Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon challenge

Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon is a three-week virtual hackathon focused on connecting the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications to real-world data from some of the world’s premier data providers. 

Using Honeycomb’s broad list of APIs connected to the Ethereum blockchain through Chainlink oracles, developers will be able to enrich their smart contracts with data from categories like crypto, forex and traditional market rates, weather, sports scores and odds (for both traditional and e-sports), flight schedules and more. For data-aggregation, developers will be able to connect to the entire catalogue of Honeycomb APIs through multiple reliable Chainlink oracles, or use the free Honeycomb Ropsten testnet oracle.

The hackathon starts on Wednesday, November 20th, and participating applications should be submitted through Devpost by Wednesday, December 11th, 11pm ET. 

APIs available for hackathon participants: 


  • $12,250 in prizes
  •  1st PlaceCash prize of $3000
  •  2nd PlaceCash prize of $2000
  •  3rd PlaceCash prize of $1000
  •  Judge’s Choices (3)3 x $1000 in LINK
  •  World Weather Online Challenge (3)Best use of the World Weather Online API
    1st Place – Cash prize of $1000
    2nd Place – Cash prize of $750
    3rd Place – Cash prize of $500
  •  Best use of Tatum Blockchain APIBest use of Tatum Blockchain API receives a 6-month Developer Plan (400k API calls/month, 20 API calls/s) worth $954.
    All submissions that include an integration of the Tatum Blockchain API receive a 3-month Idea Plan (200k API calls/month, 10 API calls/s), worth $237.

Deadline:- 11-12-2019

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