Closed/Expired: Horse Park design competition

Horse Park design competition

Korea Racing Authority (KRA) launches an international competition for the design of a Horse Park in Yeongcheon, Korea. This one stage project competition in accordance with the UNESCO-UIA regulations has been approved by the UIA.

The competition is open to professionals in architecture, theme park design, landscape design, tourism, marketing, or other fields can enter. A team can have up to five members and must include at least one licensed architect. KRA intends to develop ona1,474,883㎡ site “LetsRun Park Yeongcheon“, a theme parkabout horses incorporating a racetrack that will hopefully become a local attraction. Its goal and purpose is to improve the overall image of horse racing and contribute to the horse industry, become tourist destination and attraction that enriches the local economy, and bearing a profit, provide an exemplary model for theme park development. The development concept of the theme park is “Unplugged Horse Utopia”

Awards:- 1st Design Contract, 2nd KRW 40 million, 3rd KRW 20 million

Deadline:- 15-02-2016

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