Closed/Expired: Hot Wheels Impossible Trick contest

Hot Wheels Impossible Trick contest

The primary objective is to create an entertaining and exciting Hot Wheels focused Series for YouTube that features Hot Wheels doing amazing and impossible tricks and captures all of the fails and behind the scenes work that went into achieving that “impossible” trick. Your Series Concept should include the following:

  • TONE: Hot Wheels is all about having fun and the limitless opportunity to play with diecast cars — action, racing and stunts should be featured. Comedy and Action are encouraged in this Series of Videos. Episodes should feel cool and exciting.
  • STORY: This is a six-episode Series. Episodes should be set up in a repeatable format. Each episode should feature a Hot Wheels toy succeeding in pulling off an actual trick that seems impossible – until you prove it isn’t! Authenticity is critical, so tricks must be pulled off without production fakery. The trick will then be broken down into the steps it took to get there, including the failed attempts, the near-misses, and the close call attempts at landing the trick. Tricks must be only fathomable because of what a Hot Wheels car can do. Your Series can also delve into the educational aspects of how the Impossible Trick is achieved by using math and science to inform the viewer while at the same time entertaining them (that means, make the math and science impossibly cool!). You will also be asked to include specific types of Hot Wheels and products in each episode. Please note that budgets will be limited, therefore please take that into account when pitching practical locations and stunts in your Series Pitch.
  • CHARACTER: We are open to all ideas, but every episode needs to ultimately focus on Hot Wheels cars.
  • AUDIENCE: Pitches should be engaging to Boys ages 8 to 10, and should be engaging and understandable for Boys 5 to 7 as well.
  • FORMAT: Live-Action. Elements of animation are optional. Series Formats should be repeatable, and allow for new products to be featured in every episode.
  • MUSIC: Consider music that will enhance the Video experience. How will you effectively use music to tell stories, and elevate the action?
  • PRODUCT: Hot Wheels will be providing product. The brand will have mandated products for each episode which will be provided ahead of time to the Pitch winner.
  • CUTTING ROOM FLOOR: Here’s what you should avoid in your Pitches—talking cars with animated mouths, overly expensive stunts, licensed vehicles (i.e. Batmobile), adult themes and children in danger.


Deadline:- 24-04-2017

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