Closed/Expired: How Do You Ortal design competition

How Do You Ortal design competition

Ortal announced the start of: How Do you Ortal? – one of this year’s hottest design competitions. The renowned fireplace specialists are on the search for the number one most creative, inspired way that an architect or designer has incorporated an Ortal fireplace into a breathtaking interior design.

To submit,  fill out a short form, and upload their best photo or their favorite design. The picture must include an Ortal fireplace. Participants may only submit one image per design, but submission of multiple designs is encouraged for additional exposure and chances to win.

After submitting, contestants can post their designs on their social media platforms, using the hashtag #HowIOrtal to become part of the growing conversation.

About Ortal: Redesigning fire, for more than 30 years, Ortal has been the world’s premiere designer and builder of high-quality contemporary frameless gas fireplaces. Ortal leads with meticulous attention to aesthetics and to developing exclusive fire technologies, designing fireplaces to meet the most stringent requirements of architects, designers, builders, home and business owners.

Awards:- will be featured in a printed ad in Dwell magazine and the frontrunner will also receive $1,000 credit toward an upcoming Ortal purchase.

Deadline:- 22-03-2017

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