Closed/Expired: IASS2016 International competition of new japaneese stadium

IASS2016 International competition of new japaneese stadium

The organizing committee of IASS2016 decided to host an international competition of the new national stadium Japan for young generation. The competition is a design competition which is completely independent from the one organized by Japanese government for the real project. The purpose of it is to encourage and to see the idea from young people. The winning proposals will be awarded during IASS2016. Designers, engineers and students under 40 of age are all welcome to participate in the competition.

The main points that the committee ask for are as follows: a. Spatial structure of the 21st century: Please propose innovative or new idea in the structural system, concept or design. b. Soundness of the structural design: Please indicate clearly how the proposed structure stands against self-weight, wind, snow and seismic loadings. No detailed calculation is necessary. The design of New National Stadium Japan is providing a golden opportunity to take thought of spatial structures in the 21st century.

Awards:- 1st 100000 JPY

Deadline:- 30-04-2016

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