Closed/Expired: If my skin could talk challenge by Eyeka

If my skin could talk challenge by Eyeka

Our skin says a lot about us.

It changes according to what we are going through, positive or negative.

Remember, for example, the last time you felt rested. Maybe you were on holiday, spending time in nature, with the people you love. Do you remember how your skin felt? You looked at it; it was clean and smooth. You touched it; it was soft and silky. You, yourself, how did you feel? You closed your eyes and felt comfortable and relaxed.

We all know how important a good “skin feeling” is. It changes a moment or a day and it can change a life.

Most beauty products such as skin care, moisturisers, toners, masks or serums are solutions that exist to cure problems or to correct the skin’s appearance. They promise to refresh, revitalise and even regenerate your skin to treat such problems.

Our sponsor believes there is a new way to take care of our skin, by looking at emotional feelings from skin, rather than visible skin problems. What if my skin could talk? What would it tell me if it was able to communicate with me?

In this contest we ask you to imagine what would happen if your skin could talk and tell us how it feels.

Creative Challenge

Be the ambassador of your skin! Show us what your skin feels, senses and goes through, and bring it to life in a coherent story.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 07-09-2016

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