Industrial Design Seminar & Competition

Industrial Design Seminar & Competition

Industrial Design Seminar & Competition (INDISCO) is an industrial design competition which is addressed for undergraduate students in South East Asia and its surroundings.

INDISCO is brought to you by Students Association of Industrial Engineering (HMTI) of Diponegoro University, Indonesia. For almost 10 years, INDISCO has always been a place where undergraduate students develop their creativity in product design. Through enticing themes, there are so many ideas of design that have been created and expected to be an innovation for a better living.

The theme of this year competition is “Inclusive Design for Convenient Daily Activities”. Products of inclusive design are mainstream products that are often used by all people, includes the normal people, seniors, and disabled people so that the products are accessible by as many people as possible without need for special adaptation or specialized design.

Awards:- T.B.A

Deadline:- 15-08-2018

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