Innovation Awards Roulier 2020

Innovation Awards Roulier 2020

The Innovation Awards Roullier contest is open to all universities and research laboratories and rewards the two best research projects relating to the Groupe Roullier’s fields of expertise in Plant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition.

Each of the contest’s two winners will receive :

  • the opportunity to develop its agronomic research project during one year in its host laboratory and in partnership with the Groupe Roullier,
  • a financial grant of €75,000 under the conditions set forth in the Regulation.

Contest themes

Applicants’ projects must fall within one of the following contest themes :

Plant Nutrition:

Soils for Plant Nutrition in agricultures

  • Soil fertility, nutrition and plant health
  • Innovative cultural practices and agro-ecology
  • Soil structure, water management and climate change
  • Biodiversity and soil functions

Animal Nutrition:

  • Mineral nutrition and nutrient availability (Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium)
  • intestinal health and immunity
  • Animal welfare

Jury specific selection criteria:

  • The quality and scope of the scientific production
  • The originality of the scientific approach
  • The nature of the contribution to the Organiser’s research, or to the development of the research
  • The contribution to researcher training

Awards:- $150,000

Deadline:- 29-02-2020

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