Innovation Challenge 2019

Innovation Challenge 2019

Through the Innovation Challenge, Civil Rights Defenders is looking to create a platform for ideas that contribute to the safety and security of human rights defenders, as well as to increase their efficiency.

This call goes out to all human rights defenders to share their creative solutions and to help others stay one step ahead. An important aspect for the competition is to keep it defender-centric, starting from everyday situations that human rights defenders find themselves in.

Applicants can apply within three broader themes:

Slacktivation – ideas on how to activate the slumbering masses to become engaged supporters of a human rights cause. 

Data Visualization – ideas or tools to package data to make nice reports, evidence-based arguments or advocacy. 

Gender Equality – ideas that strive towards creating equal access and opportunities to resources and decision-making structures.

Awards:- With 300,000 SEK available in total funding, all applicants are encouraged to apply with the budget they need to implement their project.

Deadline:- 09-01-2019

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