Closed/Expired: Innovation Challenge for ‘Easy Accessibility to Trains from Low Level Platforms’

Innovation Challenge for ‘Easy Accessibility to Trains from Low Level Platforms’

In response to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s clarion call for innovation in Indian Railways under the Navrachna Initiative, Indian Railways has decided to conduct a public competition for ‘Easy Accessibility to Trains from Low Level Platforms of Indian Railways’.


Presently, Indian Railways (IR) AC 3-Tier Sleeper Coaches of ICF design to CSC-1722 have a floor height of 1320 mm from rail level and have a customized design of complete entraining/ detraining arrangement including door with fixing arrangement, footsteps and door handle compatible with platform of height 760mm to 840mm from rail level in such a way that passenger during entraining from platform to coach floor uses a vertically straight parallel foot-steps and similarly during detraining from coach floor to platform.

The Challenge is designed as an online competition hosted at for submission of original innovative technological solutions for ‘Easy Accessibility to trains from low level platforms’ of Indian Railways. The solution should

include the design and mechanism of operation of a convenient method of train access from low level platforms in a failsafe mode. The participants may particularly look at opportunities of easy retro-fitment and seamless integration in the current design of coaches serving different age groups and physical capabilities.

The Challenge aims to encourage creation of innovative, easy to use designs and solution that can enable convenient access to all kinds of passengers (of diverse ages and special requirements) without infringing the current constraints of fixed infrastructure at the station and along the trackside.

Door system in AC 3Tier Sleeper Coaches of ICF design is of door width 782 mm and is conforming to general arrangement drawings CSC -1722.

Often, cases of accidents like falling of passengers during entraining/detraining due to the horizontal as well as vertical gaps between platform and coach floor of the trains are reported. Due to space constrains as per Diagram-1D and Diagram-2 of Indian Railway Schedule of Dimensions (IRSOD) followed for Indian Railways coach design, and due to coach behavior in dynamic conditions, the horizontal gap between platform and coach floor can’t be disturbed, but redesigning of complete entraining/detraining arrangement including door with fixing arrangement, footsteps and door handle compatible with platform may be exercised.

IR is desirous to review, exercise and upgrade this existing design of complete entraining/detraining arrangement compatible with platform for AC 3-Tier Sleeper Coach of ICF design to CSC-1722 in such a way that a system (as per ergonomic comfort) between platform and coach floor can be provided for passengers comfort for entraining/detraining in AC 3-Tier Sleeper Coach of ICF design to CSC-1722.


The participants shall be required to submit their entries in the fields provided in the Entry Submission forms limited to the number of words prescribed for the fields as under

Abstract of the Proposed Innovation, in about 2000 characters.

System of Working of the Proposed Innovation, limited to 8000 characters. Drawings, if necessary, can be attached as PDF, but should not exceed 8 MB in size.

Elaboration on utility to passengers and how the innovative concept/ design enhance the passenger experience in about 1200 characters.

Feasibility of Implementation of the proposed innovation in existing and new setup including retrofitments and modifications required explained in about 1200 characters.

Explain how the boundary conditions stipulated in the Innovation Challenge are complied with by the Proposed Innovation in about 2000 characters.

Originality of the Proposed Innovation to explain how the proposed Innovation is an original idea in about 1200 characters.

Cost effectiveness of proposed design for setup and operation (to include initial cost, operating cost, life cycle costing) to be explained in about 1600 characters.

Maintainability of the proposed design explaining its ruggedness, ease of maintenance and swift replacement of spares to be explained in about 1200 characters.

Possible constraints anticipated in deployment to be explained in about 1200 characters.


Mode of Entry:

For posting the entries using the online application system, participants are advised to go to and click on the “CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE” button. The participant will be taken to a landing page featuring the registration form with various fields

Participant will have to fill out the Participant Registration Form and Entry Submission Form. The submission must comply with the requirements as set out in the Guidelines mentioned on the online Entry Submission form.

On successful submission, participant will receive a confirmation email.

Should Indian Railways/ Organizers require additional information, they will contact the registered participant via email. Participants are advised to duly provide any additional information as instructed.

Correspondence: Any correspondence from the Indian Railways/Organizers to participants shall be through email or SMS on mobile number provided by the participant at the time of registration. Organizers and Indian Railways are not liable in case of email delivery failures.

Last Date

Entries duly completed and fully filled must be submitted using the online application system before 6pm IST on 20/02/2017 .


The Challenge is open to Individuals and Companies/ Institutions.

In case of Companies, majority of Team Members/ Shareholders are required to be Indian Resident Nationals.

All Participating Individuals are required to be Indian Resident Nationals.

Participants (Individual/ or in case of teams, the team leader) are required to be at least 18 years of age as on 1/12/2016 .

The following persons and their immediate relatives can not participate in the Challenge:

  • An employee of Indian Railways directly involved in execution and evaluation of the Challenge.
  • A member or employee of knowledge cum execution partner / Organizer.
  • A member of the Evaluation panel, Experts and Jury for the Challenge.


The write up should either be submitted in Hindi or English.

In case submission is in any other language, it must be accompanied with translations in either Hindi or English.

It could be an individual project or a team project. However, in case of team, total team members, including the team leader, should not exceed six.

No reference of the identity of the person(s) submitting should be made in the proposal. If done so, it shall debar the entry from consideration.

It is strongly advised not to wait till the closure time for submission of entries. Railways shall not be responsible for late/ non receipt of entries on account of server errors/ traffic.

The contestants may be asked to present/ elaborate their proposed solution to an appropriate jury.

Railways may decide to associate with the proposer for further development of the proposed Concept/ design.

The decision of the Evaluation Panel and Jury will be final. No communication will be entered into with any person in relation to any decision of the panel or process.

Unsuccessful entries shall be intimated through email and Ministry of Railways shall not have any right over the same.






Deadline:- 20-02-2017

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