Closed/Expired: Intelligent Energy Management Challenge

Intelligent Energy Management Challenge

The main purpose of the Intelligent Energy Management Challenge is to find solutions that manage the electricity infrastructure of a building. This contributes to a sustainable energy system and opens up for attractive business models that stimulates a wide spread implementation. Besides the recognition award there is a possibility for test and procurement from the participating Swedish Municipalities.

The Swedish Energy Agency together with Swedish Municipalities of Arvika, Eskilstuna, Herrljunga and Uppsala, seek submissions for Intelligent Energy Management solutions that manage the energy infrastructure of buildings, in order to increase the self consumption of produced solar energy.

Awards:- € 10.000 in recognition award. Award winners will have the opportunity to negotiate with the Swedish municipalities of the Intelligent Energy Management Challenge to engage with pilot projects. A maximum of 4 respondents will be awarded a recognition award up to  € 10.000 each.

Deadline:- 02-02-2016

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