Closed/Expired: Intern for Gender Based Violence in Emergencies at Unicef

Gender Based Violence in Emergencies at Unicef

UNICEF’s multi-sectoral response to the refugee and migrant crisis in the region aims to ensure that protection, care and support is assured for refugee and migrant Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors, including children, through the provision of integrated technical assistance and service delivery support, and a complementary focus on provision of direct services, systems building and advocacy. Of particular concern in this regard the nexus between initial identification and assessment, to referral and follow up form a holistic case management standpoint. UNICEF programming offers entry points to address those gaps, including through education and health-related interventions to prevent and respond to GBV and CP issues. This intervention aims to enhance and diversify the range of services provided to refugee and migrant children (including adolescent boys and girls) and families in Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria. The intern will provide technical support in the field of information, education, and communication  (IEC) material to enable partners to empower youth, in particular girls and families using age-appropriate and culturally sensitive materials.


  • Understand and Apply GBV core principles in emergencies
  • Being able to identify appropriate languages and communication channels to convey important messages to different target groups in a humanitarian context
  • Develop facilitation skills with youth for piloting sensitization material
  • It is expected to be a paid internship. However, it is recommended to check the official website for further confirmation

Deadline:- 12-04-2018

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