Closed/Expired: Internal Culture Celebration Video Project

Internal Culture Celebration Video Project

Create a video that celebrates the proudly family-owned and –operated heritage and employees of Jack Link’s.

When is a meat snack more than a meat snack? When it’s Jack Link’s. And while the distinction certainly comes from quality ingredients and spices, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to take a step back from snacks and recipes and focus, instead, on what really sets Jack Link’s apart from the competition: the company’s pioneer spirit and awesome products, brought to you by the courageous creators who work there.

You see, Jack Link’s has a pretty unique corporate culture with no BS that encourages their employees to embrace their wild sides. Basically, it’s a pretty fun place to work – and Jack Link’s understandably wants to celebrate that in a fun internal marketing video.

We’ve got a script, which you can tinker with as you see fit. We’ve even got the man himself – Sasquatch. And we’ve got Mr. Jack Link, too. What we need is your filmmaking skills to bring it all to life…so read on to the Project Objectives for more.

Awards:- $45,000

Deadline:- 11-05-2017

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