International Exlibris Competition

International Exlibris Competition

This competition is being organised by The Bookplate Society on behalf of FISAE (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Amateurs d’Ex-Libris).

Each participant may send one, two or three different ex-libris.

All artists should remember that an ex-libris is an individually designed label with the function of identifying the ownership of books. Every ex-libris submitted must contain the text EX LIBRIS in full (no abbreviations) or alternative words of book ownership. The design must include the full name of the owner. Initials are permitted for given names, for example P.J Smith. The owner must be a living person or existing institution.

There is no set theme for this competition. 

All graphic techniques capable of producing multiple images including computer generated design are eligible.

Ex-libris must be printed on paper not larger than 210 x 150 mm. The longer side of the design should not be more than 140 mm.


First prize: £1250
Second prize: £750
Third prize: £500

Three additional prizes of £500 each:
• artist under 35 years of age,
• art student living in either the UK or the Republic of Ireland,
• art student living in Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

Deadline:- 31-03-2020

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