Closed/Expired: International Marianne Brandt Contest

International Marianne Brandt Contest

With its focus on material effects, the sixth International Marianne Brandt Contest continues the search it began in 2000 for The Poetry of the Functional within the polarities of art and design. It thereby links up with and develops the theme of “cradle to cradle” and its awareness of material, mankind and the environment − the special category of the contest 2013.

Young designers, artists and photographers, also scientists and creative people from other disciplines are invited to work on interesting answers or further questions on this topic. Entries are possible in three (3) categories: Product Design Photography Experimental Design The contest is divided into two phases: The first phase contains the digital submission of the exhibits. Participants register at: After successful registration (on receipt of the participation fee and the issuing of credentials by the Marianne Brandt Design Contest host) participants may upload a digital version of their exhibit as a single PDF document (max. 5 MB). The jury will then nominate the exhibits for the second phase. The second phase includes the submission of the exhibits by mail. In case participants are nominated for this phase they will receive further details for their submission by mail. The postage fee for submission and return by mail is covered by the participant.

Awards:- €5000, as well as three awards will be bestowed in all three categories.

Deadline:- 31-05-2016

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