Closed/Expired: International Natural Sciences Tournament competition

International Natural Sciences Tournament competition

International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) is a team competition for current undergraduate, Master’s students. The main goal of the competition is teaching students how to apply their knowledge to solve current practical scientific and industrial problems.

A team, participating in the Tournament, should consist of 3–5 people. The team members should choose a captain and a vice captain amongst themselves. The captain is the leader of the team during the tournament and is responsible for interacting with the Organizing Committee and the Jury. A challenge is a sequence of actions of discussing a single problem. Three teams take part in a challenge: the reporting team, the opposing team and the reviewing team. During the challenge participants are prohibited from using any information sources (literature, laptops, tablets, e-books, mobile phones, etc.). A cycle is a complete set of 3 or 4 challenges in one section depending on number of teams in the section. In one cycle, each team acts once as a Speaker, once as an Opponent, and once as a Reviewer. Participats should be creative, confident and be able to uphold their variants of solving industrial problems to others

Students should have one of the following specializations: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals or Engineering. The Tournament consists of extramural (1st) and intramural (2nd) rounds. To participate in the intramural round we need to perform selection. The extramural round problems are available on the website, where participants have to register and download their decisions.


1. internship in MEL Science

2. trip to laboratory of Clariant (Germany)

3.internship in Biocad+ prizes from sponsors

Deadline:- 01-06-2016

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