International Photo Contest “Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads”

International Photo Contest "Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads"

UNESCO is organising a photography contest with the theme “Reveal the Silk Roads”.

The Silk Roads are an expansive region composed of a network of maritime and land routes. Originating in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia the Silk Roads cross the Central Asian sub-continent, the Russian steppe, the Iranian and Anatolian plateaus, and the Arabian Peninsula. They also stretch through North Africa and Northeast Africa, from Tanzania to Morocco. Additionally, they pass through Eastern and Southern Europe, before reaching France and Spain.

Participants are invited to submit photographs that best encapsulate the shared heritage of the Silk Roads through one or more of the three themes of Gastronomy and Food ProductionMusic and Dance, and Traditional Sports and Games.

Each participant may submit a maximum of 20 images.

Click here to see past winners.

Awards:- In each age category, three photographs will be awarded:

• 1st prize: A professional digital single-lens reflex camera equipped with 18-55mm lens
• 2nd prize: Semi-professional digital camera
• 3rd prize: Digital camera

 In addition, winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the award ceremony.

Deadline:- 06-01-2020

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