Closed/Expired: International Shopping plaza competition

International Shopping plaza competition

The aim of this competition is to produce a holistic, physical space that contains all of the possibilities for shopping, entertainment, leisure and being– in any form that can communicate practical, pragmatic and economically achievable solutions. These solutions must be implemented and built in a sustainable, innovative spirit.

The designs submitted for the International Shopping mall Competition should display that the shopping
plaza is a stage – a veritable vitrine – for public performance. The purpose of the competition is to go beyond it, to find innovative ideas able to confront the new ways of shopping and provide spaces where all can recognize themselves and socialize freely. A site, representing its regional culture, can be chosen freely by the participants. Explain briefly in all cases the reason and the market you will be confronted with.

Awards:- Prizes: PROFESSIONAL GROUP : 1st 100000 RMB, 2nd 50000 RMB, 3rd 30000 RMB. Student Group 1st 50000 RMB, 2nd 20000 RMB, 3rd 10000 RMB

Deadline:- 10-03-2016

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