Closed/Expired: International Short Film Pitch Competition

International Short Film Pitch Competition

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and Avex Digital Inc. are calling for short film pitches.

With the theme “Thrilling, Exciting, Moving”, we are looking for pitches for short films that will stir the emotions and have the ability to thrill, excite or move audiences.

Any genre is accepted.  The projected run time must be less than 25 minutes.

All elements listed below must be included in the pitch.
• Plot (250 words max.).
• One line that sums up what kind of film this is.
• Photographic images or movie of the world you envisage.
• Entrant profile.
• Link to a showreel or individual links to past work.

Top five pitches: 500,000 JPY per person.
Best pitch: 1,000,000 JPY.
An additional 1,500,000 JPY will be awarded after confirmation that the pitch will be realized as a short film.

If the winning pitch were to be made to be a short film, the complete short film will be premiered at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018 and continues being submitted to other film festivals around the world.

Deadline:- 31-01-2017

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