Closed/Expired: International space station design and print challenge by Mouser

International space station design and print challenge by Mouser

Mouser has teamed up with Made In Space with their launch of the first Zero-G 3D printer to assist astronauts mission on the International Space Station.

 You design it. We’ll 3D print it in space. Mouser is looking for an innovative design idea from college engineering students and engineers that can be used by astronauts 200 miles above Earth. Grant Imahara and former ISS Commander and astronaut, Chris Hadfield, are judges to determine which design makes it to space.


Due to the requirements of space travel, it’s mission critical you follow all the rules and guidelines when submitting your idea. Be sure to include the following in your zip file:

  • Image of your design to be printed
  • Schematic of the electrical for your design
  • Bill of Materials & PCB fabrication files (STL files are not required, but a plus)

The goal of Mouser’s ISS Design Challenge is to create an item that can be 3D printed in space that will be useful to the astronauts on the International Space Station. This design will combine both mechanical design and electrical design disciplines within a single item. The design can be useful tool, a research item, even an item for entertainment … whatever you can think up for the astronauts! However, since the entry will need to be a part of the ISS environment, many design guidelines will apply. The 3D printed portion The ISS is now equipped with an additive manufacturing facility or, in other words, a gravity independent 3D plastic printer created by Made In Space, Inc. As with all 3D printers there are limits to size and material that can be u sed. The Design cannot exceed a build volume of 14cm x 10cm x 10cm with a nominal X/Y direction resolution of 0.15mm and nominal Z direction resolution of 75 micron layer height. The usable materials include ABS, HDPE, and PEI+PC polymers. All models should have a minimum of 1mm wall thickness. There should also be a minimum of 1mm spacing between individual parts to be printed. Additionally, the model cannot have any support structures. Snap-fit (non-moving) guidelines are 0.2mm on each side and slip-fit (moving) guidelines are 0.5mm on each side.


Also, explain your idea in 200 words or less, and how it can benefit the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.



  • All submissions must be made by midnight (CST) on 10/7/16
  • All entry form fields must be completed, including the file upload, for official entry
  • Download Technical Guidelines »
  • For support with your entry contact, email:


  • Grand Prize: 3D Printer
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize: Fluke Meter
  • All Entrants will receive Mouser Genius T-Shirt

Deadline:- 07-10-2016

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