Expired: International Student Poster Design Competition

Student poster design competition

The competition is open to all students of art and design who are enrolled at a state or private university or art college at the time of submission.
Graduates of art and design courses may also take part in the first year after their graduation.
The competition is organised by the Zentralverband Sanitär Heizung Klima.

All students of art, design, visual communications and architecture are invited to design a poster on the topic of “Age-friendly Living”.

The competition invites contemporary artistic responses to the topic of age-appropriate and barrier-free design in the home with the aim of finding a new visual language with which to communicate the topic.

The competition aims to stimulate the attraction of proactively making home improvements that help ensure one can continue to live at home as one grows older. The poster designs should raise awareness of the topic of age-friendly living, addressing in particular the 40–60 age group. The message(s) they convey should be suitable for advertising purposes.

All posters must be submitted online via the competition website.

1st Prize: 2,500 €
2nd Prize: 1,500 €
3rd Prize: 1,000 €

Deadline:- 31-12-2016

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