International Wildbird Photo Competition 2015

This year’s competition is comprised of five different categories:

• Bird portrait
The subject can be photographed in close-up or whole, single or group but the photo must transmit an emotion through the pose, look, expression… The topics should occupy most of the image.
• Bird in landscape
The landscape must take a prominent place in the composition of the image.
• Artistic vision of bird
The creativity of the photographer, in shooting or post processing, must transform the mundane into a contemplative and artistic interpretation and offer a new perspective on the bird.
• Angry birds
The photo must show the aggressive behavior of a bird against one of its congeners or another species.
• Birds of prey
This category is for photographs of diurnal or nocturnal raptors made without the use of live or dead bait.

Pictures of domesticated, trained or captive wild animals or pets are prohibited.


• Grand Prix: €1,500
• 1st prize in each category: €800
• Public prize

1st December 2015

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