iSCOUT Head-Up Display(HUD) | Making Driving Smarter & Safer

iSCOUT Head-Up Display(HUD) | Making Driving Smarter & Safer

Redefine how you drive: view maps, blind-spots, make calls, text, listen to music. Stay connected without taking your eyes off the road




iSCOUT is a patent pending Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects all the information required for driving such as car speed, fuel level, GPS navigation as a floating virtual image in front of the vehicle.

iSCOUT syncs to your smartphone and displays incoming calls, messages, reminders, social media content and other notifications along with several other features such as blind-spot view and an integrated dashcam.



The idea of a HUD is to make driving safer. The driver will not have to take his eye off the road to get any of the information he/she needs.

Recent researches show that it takes lesser time for a driver to get this information from a HUD as opposed to looking at a conventional display (phone screen/GPS device) as it takes considerably lesser time for the eye to shift focus from the road to the display and back. This ensures that the driver’s attention is on the road and therefore reduces the risk of accidents.



iSCOUT @ IoT World 2016 - ABC7 Coverage
iSCOUT @ IoT World 2016 – ABC7 Coverage



iSCOUT @ Tech In Asia (Singapore) 2016 – Coverage





iSCOUT is available in Platinum and Ray Editions. The difference between these two editions are solely the aesthetics of the product. You may choose which design best suits the personality of your car.

The Platinum and Ray Editions both have a Premium and a Basic Model. The difference between the Premium and Basic Models are the Blind-spot cameras which are only integrated with the Premium Model.

Platinum Edition


Ray Edition



  •  Navigation

iSCOUT’s navigation allows you to get live traffic feed and updates you on the speed limit, keeping your speed in check.

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