Closed/Expired: IV Tragaluz International Illustration Award

Tragaluz International Illustration Award

The competition is open to illustrators aged 18 and over from around the world. The competition is organised by Tragaluz Editores, the book publisher located in Medellin, Colombia.

For this version of the award, we are asking illustrators to choose a fragment of a book they have always dreamed to illustrate. The text can be of any genre, and can be by a dead or a living author from any nationality. The selected fragment must not exceed one page (one page from the chosen book) or a text with 2,000 characters including spaces, in Spanish or English. Based on the chosen fragment — whose source must be cited —, the participant should make an illustration and send us a digital copy via email. 


Tragaluz will choose one single winner. They will sign a contract for seven million Colombian pesos (approx. 2,400 US$) to create the illustrations for a book that Tragaluz will publish in 2018.

Deadline:- 01-06-2017

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